The Scroll

Beneath a pile of innocuous antique books, Monty Danforth unearths an ancient scroll secreted away in a biscuit tin. Soon after this discovery, he is visited by several men as disquieting as they are varied; an old man led by an eerily beautiful child; a bishop cloaked in obscurity; and a devoutly un-celestial scholar. They have one thing in common: they want the scroll at any price, and by any means necessary.

In the days that follow, it becomes clear that the stakes to obtain the faded scroll far surpass money. After the murder of his boss, Danforth’s life begins to give way to an insidious evil plagued by horrific visions and moral uncertainty. The conclusion reaches a feverish pitch that pits good against evil, faith against truth, and blurs the line between light and darkness.

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