Faith: Essays from believers, agnostics and atheists.

Whether believer, sceptic, agnostic, atheist or something other, award-winning and bestselling authors share a fascinating, daring and multifaceted perspective on what faith means (or doesn’t mean).

The collection of personal essays includes bestselling authors such as Anne Perry, who writes about a deeply spiritual faith that embraces and sustains her through every step of her life.  Caroline Leavitt writes about tarot cards, mediums and quantum physics to explain her concept of faith. Afghan-American author Tamim Ansary beautifully captures how his islamic roots led him to the secular mysticism he professes today.  And Pam Houston brings her signature wit and sense of irony to the question of faith.

Honest, provocative and candid, Faith begins a larger conversation and invites readers to ask themselves: What do I believe?