Execution Dock

Has Monk met his most dangerous and elusive opponent yet?

The death of a young boy leads Monk into one of his most dangerous cases yet in the sixteenth book in Anne Perry’s brilliant William Monk series Execution Dock. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Arthur Conan Doyle.

‘Rich in plot development, believable characters and period detail, this entry will only add to the already sizable ranks of Perry’s admirers’ – Publishers Weekly

It’s 1864, and after a game of cat and mouse, Monk has captured Jericho Phillips, the man he suspects of brutally killing a young mudlark and running an evil child prostitution ring. In bringing Phillips to justice, Monk hopes to close down the ring and avenge the memory of Durban, his old commander, who was determined to capture Philips. However, at trial justice does not prevail. Oliver Rathbone, Monk’s friend, is hired anonymously to represent the accused and when he proves that vital evidence is missing, Phillips is freed. As Monk begins the investigation again, venturing deeper into London’s murky underworld, he realises that Durban may have had his own reasons for pursuing Phillips, and shockingly, that secret support for Phillips may reach further into civilised society than anyone could ever have imagined…

What readers are saying about Execution Dock:

‘Ms Perry’s books inform, entertain, and make me thinkwhat more can a reader ask for?

‘[A] compelling, assiduously plotted story’

‘Well written with a gripping story line… You really feel the dirt and squalor of Victorian London