Angels in the Gloom

1916, and Britain faces possible starvation. Can a way be found to beat the deadly German U-boats?

The third breath-taking novel in Anne Perry’s heart-stopping World War I quintet, Angels in Gloom follows the Reavley family as they face danger closer to home. Perfect for fans of Pat Barker and Sebastian Barry.

‘Perry creates a meticulously detailed backdrop, whether [on the] home front or [the] front lines, while leaving plenty of room for her characters to contemplate issues of honor, loyalty, and love’
– Booklist

It’s March 1916, and Joseph Reavley is on sick leave and finding recovery slow and hard. His sister Hannah is caring for him at home, and it’s a delight to them both when Shanley Corcoran, an old friend, comes to visit. Corcoran confides in Joseph that he’s come very close to completing an invention that will paralyse the deadly German U-boats. Soon afterwards, however, the leading scientist on that project is found murdered, and it’s clear that someone has been betraying secrets to the enemy. Joseph’s brother Matthew, of the S.I.S., comes down to investigate, and together the two men embark on a search that will solve the crime and lead them to the spy.

What readers are saying about Angels in the Gloom:

This is truly a special series

‘The author’s description of war on the Western Front is so vividly described that the reader feels as if he/she is present in the trenches

The author [is] exceptionally skilled at holding together the diverse threads and keeping every page full of human interest

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